The VCP1S2 is type 2 surge protective device in conformity with IEC/EN 61643-11 standards. It s of one module size with MOV and GDT in combination. This compact design is space saving and ideal for installation in consumer unit.


Our Surge protection devices are available both stand alone and with a wiring kit. The wiring comes complete with ur VCP132B (32A MCB) as overcurrent protection and providing a means to isolate the SPD for Maintainence in accordance with the 18th Edition. 


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Surge Protection

  • Type 2 Surge Protection Device

    • Compact design with MOV and GDT in one module

    • Pluggable module for easy replacement

    • Din rail mounting for cabinet installation

    • Optional remote signal for convenient checking

    • Coloured indicator for operation status display

    • Protective structure to avoid wrong insertion of module