Verso® AFDD/RCBO protection devices are all TYPE A as standard with no earth fly lead to increase the ease of installation. 


Verso ® Type A Arc Fault detection devices offer the very best in this field of protection. Faults are clearly indicated through a dedicated red indicator for the use of teh household. The AFDD/RCBO can also detect a number of different types of Arc faults. Please see the datasheet for more information.


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Arc Fault Detection Devices

  • No. of Poles: 1P+N

    Rated Voltage: 240V AC

    Rated Current: 6-40A

    Tripping Curve: B,C

    Rated short-circuit current: 6000A

    Operating Characteristic: A type

    Rated residual operating current: 30mA

    Tripping temperature: -25C to 40C

    Complies with: IEC/EN61009-1 EN 62606