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Introducing the Verso RCCB Devices, the ultimate solution for circuit protection. Our RCCB devices are available from 40A to 100A, offering options in both 30mA and 100mA with Time delay.


For heavy DC installs, we offer the Type B 63A 30mA versions. Each device is individually tested and features a clear test button for easy testing and use. Our double pole devices come in Type A as standard and are available in two and three module configurations.


Trust Verso RCCB Devices for reliable and superior circuit protection.

Verso RCCB Devices

    • 85mm Height
    • 35mm Width
    • 67mm Depth
    • 230V
    • 2.5Nm Torque setting (out)
    • 3.0Nm Torque setting (in)
    • IP 2X
    • Type A & B
    • BS 61008-1 
    • EN 61008-1
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