Find out more about the Verso product ranges
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Verso has been designed at our head offices in Cardiff to be a versatile collection of second fix solutions to the professional installer. Below you can see some of the key features of the ranges illustrated.

If you would like to know more about any of our products and their features please contact us via email at or 029 2130 3708.

Find out how and why the Verso IP66 (VIP) range is made right here in the UK!

As you are probably aware, VERSO was created with the intention of not only delivering quality products to the market but delivering products that support the electrical installer with as much versatility as possible. 

This is one of the key reasons we make the VIP range right here in the UK. not only does it have every feature you could wish for from an outdoor range, but it can also be custom assembled to support you with any project you may have that will require an IP rating. From switched spurs to a full grid set up for a complex decking project, VIP has you covered

The VCP range has everyone talking and there are some big reasons why!

As you probably know the VCP range has everyone talking and the two key reasons why are, TYPE A RCBOs accompanied with every feature you will need and want, to comply with the 18th Edition.

Increased height along with a tail clamp, rear entry plates, grommet strop, lockable lid, sighting support, and factory single module SPDs as standard. VCP really does tick all the boxes!

Watch Simon Bryant Electrical with his first VERSO Installation

In this video, you can see #MyInstall Electricians Simon Bryant, installing Verso Wiring Accessories for the first time in Oxfordshire.  

VCP is coming and going to change the way you think about domestic circuit protection 

We are almost set for the biggest product launch of 2021. Slightly delayed with the impact of COVID-19, however, not for much longer! Take your first look at the range here 

VERSO Wiring Accessories - For every project

In this video see why Verso Wiring Accessories are the perfect solution to every installation that professionals need. 

Verso is packed full of versatile features and has been designed to make the installers life easier and the homeowner's life safer.